Monday, September 26, 2016

Update - The Complete Business Professional - Body, Mind and Soul

I'm delighted and excited to be updating you on my current and future focus in Business. This has all come about as I have been working on my existing business mentoring course. Through the act of going through the variety of processes and strategies I include in this course has really given me greater clarity on what I do and where I am headed - it totally works! On me as well!

As many of you already know my concern has been in the development and support of business professionals within my existing businesses, Out of the Box Biz in the Business sector and Property for Purpose in the Wealth creation (through property) sector. Now with an additional venture with my son - he and I share essential oils because he asked to be in business with me which means I'm also assisting business professionals in a health and well being capacity, because he shares using essential oils for kids and I do so with adults in the home or workplace.

What this means, is, I now work in all 3 aspects of the whole business professional - body, mind and soul. The latter of having a health and well being focus was not intended it simply evolved because I have been using essential oils in the home since I was 18 and therefore my son's whole life (as he is turning 10) and therefore was a natural choice for him.

I feel like my original theme for Out of the Box Biz for our first event in February 2014 'The Complete Business Person - Body, Mind and Soul' was authentically where I wanted to head but perhaps didn't have the confidence to head in that direction at the time or perhaps simply didn't have the clarity I do now and I just needed to continue on my journey...

I have been referring to all these activities coming under the banner of my FDL Tribe or Fleur de Lis Lifestyle tribe, I explain what this means in the video below.  This is the first of 3 videos I have created to outline my new direction:

Sunday, September 25, 2016

'Flourish' by Martin Seligman

Today I have reacquainted myself with a book I was thrilled to uncover about 5 years ago Martin Seligman's book 'Flourish'. This finally gave some solid evidence and acknowledged a movement of Positive Psychology. It explains how and why daily rituals are so important to nurture optimism and overall emotional well being in adults and children. As a result of this book my son and I regularly post in our gratitude journals. It really has taken 5 years for my son to volunteer to write down his 'top 3' of the day or week. But consistent persistence and leading by example has finally paid off.

I am now incorporating it into my online business mentoring course. Why? Because I am not only concerned with the improvement and growth of business professionals in their business lives but all the lives - in body, mind and soul. Because they are all integrated and affect each other.

If you have not come across this book I encourage you to take the time.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Seeking your feedback

I'm interested to know which version audio you prefer for this Elevator Pitch (60 seconds) video?

A audio mixed sources the intention is for a warmer more natural tone:


B audio source lapel mic only for a crystal clear sound:

Why am I asking? Keith Flynn from Stress free AV offers recording these and is keen to know what people prefer. To find out more about what he offers go here

Thanking you!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Weekly Business Update - Elevator Speech - Old school or Cash machine?

Firstly, sincere apologies for the usual weekly business update being SOOO late... I had a close family member pass away in the past 2 weeks and her funeral was on Wednesday. In addition, I am also questioning whether a weekly business update is what you're wanting? Perhaps a monthly update? That is a question to ask another time...

In place of the weekly business update, I am sharing the 60 second Elevator Speech video I recently recorded. Why? Because having a 60 seconds or less summary of who you are and what you do and why is gold, gold, gold. Sadly many dismiss it or don't even know what it is. Therefore here is what I believe should be the construction of your elevator speech:

0 - 10 seconds
Name (First and Surname), title, Company name - include any explanations such as my title is Master Networker and I usually summarise what that means and what my business is too.

10 - 30 seconds
Niche - why you are different, what makes you stand out from the crowd. For example, at Out of the Box Biz we actively connect our members both in between events and during.

30 - 60 seconds
Case study of a client you have helped, describing how

Here is an example:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Weekly Business Update - How to Define Your Ideal Client

This week has been a very full-on week in business and also personally as I had a family member pass away unexpectedly over the weekend. Therefore I had this video completed and edited but never shared to let you all know - apologies - so back on deck and here it is below.

I was inspired to share this topic How to Define Your Ideal Client because it is one of the top 5 topics I always cover with every mentoring client I work with. It is also something that all business professionals should define and review regularly. I also cover why bother with defining your Ideal Client too: