Talking about the Weather

We are now into day 2 of our first bout of heat this summer in Perth, Western Australia; yesterday it got me thinking that the weather really is a talking point when it is more extreme. E.g. here I know in daily conversation it's about

I'm sure it is similar for cool extremes or climates.

We managed to get through yesterday with using only our ceiling fans and block out curtains however now that the house is heating up we may need to use the air conditioner tonight to sleep or at least to cool the house just to fall asleep. We have only been in our house for 14 months and my husband being the handyman he is (and ex Sparky) installed 3 ceiling fans in the 2 bedrooms and main living area, however we did this progressively throughout summer last year so I don't think we experienced their full benefit. We are this year and they make a huge difference in our little weatherboard house, I think it is an advantage having high ceilings, anyway although it's hot, we seem to be managing alright.

How about you? Where are you? What weather are you experiencing?

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