5 day reset

My husband, Russell and I have completed 4 of 5 days of the USANA reset - detox style program - talk about a challenge. I think it has been a bit harder for Russell because he is doing it more for support for me - and far out am I glad he did because I've been ready to throw it in, especially today - but he is determined to complete it. Which will feel good to do.

So why are we doing it? Well from my point of view I know many cultures/religions have an annual practice of 'cleansing' and so I thought it would be a good thing to adopt in the new year - a kind of mini ritual to reinforce new beginings etc for the new year. I still think it's a good concept I perhaps won't do this one again. I think it has been great and is a good thing to do because it has highlighted all the bad habits I've got into over the past couple of years but the milkshake style meals instead of real food has been the biggest challenge for me. Mainly because I enjoy food so much.

Needless to say we only have one day to go - yay