Humidity and Goals

Well here I am talking about the weather again.... but here in Perth we are not used to humid conditions and boy does it wear you out! We had an opening night function last Wed night which was very steamy and sticky however it couldn't have been too bad since we had over 100 people attend plus I ended up asking people to leave or at least join us for pizzas at the cafe open next door, I think it called Avenue 9 - due to being on 9th Avenue in Inglewood; Great pizza especially the seafood and vegetarian varieties.

And, goals. Have met my weekly swimming commitment with my swimming buddy for 5 weeks straight, so have made it right through January. Am feeling really great about it. Boy is it easier when you know you have someone else to meet there. So here is to continuing throughout 2009 - it is hard to get up and be there by 8am every Sunday but when we do - I feel so much better for it.

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