Selling on ebay

Am having an interesting experience selling our couch on ebay. Although I consider myself reasonably experienced buying and selling on ebay sometimes what gets the most interest completely takes me by surprise.

Our couch we have decided to sell due to it being unsuitable in terms of style and size in our little weatherboard cottage however because it is in such good condition and so comfortable we decided on a reasonably high opening bid because we consider it 'meant to be' if we can't find a buyer for that price or higher. We have had one offer of our opening bid however we are keen to let the auction to continue because if we did receive more then it is still good value for money for the buyer and frankly an extra few dollars would assist us greatly - we we all in Western Australia have just stuck out rising interest rates, petrol prices and grocery prices. Yes all are easing now however it was a very challenging year 2008.

So with less than 2 days to go, with over 800 people having viewed the ad, 50+ watching it, 10+ contacted me direct etc - will someone actually complete the transaction through ebay rather than asking us to take the listing off? I hope so, and I trust it will go to a good home that will appreciate it as much as we have. Only time will tell....

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