It has been awhile

I find it easier to blog personally when I have a day off or holidays - this is the last of 3 days holiday with my family after we opened an exhibition in Margaret River; Back to Nurture. The show looks fabulous, I think I just got it all wrong in terms of communicating to the local Margaret River community - plan to spend a few days talking to people to get it right next time. But check out the exhibition at

So we pack up in Busselton to head back home to Perth - we really love Busselton at the moment when our son is so young (2) he doesn't mind the gentle surf here at the beach. We'll probably frequent Dunsborough more when he's older. So would absolutely love to invest in a 2 bed villa/unit to make it easier to just drop in for a few days holiday especially since it happens every 3 months or so.

Need to take Charlie out for a walk - but will be back more frequently....

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