Animal Instincts Inspiration Cards

On Boxing Day I had the joy of Heidi Cornelissen's company and many of my friends throughout an open day I had in place of a housewarming party. Heidi is a dear friend and colleague and also an inspiring life coach, speaker and author. As Heidi was one of the first guests she took the opportunity to show me her brand new, hot of the press, Animal Instincts Inspiration Cards; I had been hearing about Heidi’s journey in creating them and therefore was very excited to see the end result.

What makes Heidi’s cards unique is that you contemplate them over the period of a week instead of daily. When she initially said that to me I really didn’t understand until she explained that when you select the card to inspire you, then refer to the accompanying Guidebook and its suggested questions for each card to answer throughout this week – this is what really extends these inspiration cards. So for the rest of the day as people came to visit we handed round the cards and the guidebook and had a wonderful open discussion of each person’s preferences and reasons from choosing their card; from the inspirational image or heading or the whole package. It made for a wonderful afternoon bringing together a variety of people that hadn’t met before.
These are wonderfully produced and presented and reflects Heidi’s expertise as a life coach and author. Thank you Heidi for the opportunity to share these wonderful cards and your words to a broad audience.
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