Every few months I 'google' for free meditations on different subjects and needs. For the past year or so I have only been interested in or capable of short meditations of up to 10 minutes. The reason for this is as I have a young son of 4 years, an hour and a half for a meditation class just feels overwhelming as the time I do have to myself is very precious but I know as he grows older I'll begin to look for longer meditations.

So today I have found to great websites for my needs today... those needs were meditations that are audio so I can just listen and meditate and that were addressing needing to let go of emotion. I find the mind amazing and powerful; although a recent change of personal relationship rationally I know is appropriate and is the best for both parties but emotionally a lot has risen to the surface of which I know is to do with my ex husband as well as ex boyfriend; so feeling a deep sense of gratitude of having this opportunity to be single to deal with this. But I digress... back to the meditation sites:

This is called The Big List of Free Guided Meditation Videos and from the site Meditation Oasis I am enjoying the meditation today of Letting Go and will listen to the sleep one for children for my son and possibly for myself!

Enjoy and may you be filled with loving kindness (this is from Loving Kindness on the Go) from Audio Dharma

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