Hot NetworkingTip # 1

Be yourself
It is important to be yourself. This may sound obvious however I remember when I first started networking for business I suddenly felt self-conscious and clumsy because I was putting on a ‘networking’ mask rather than just relaxing and being myself. A good statement to have prepared is an elevator speech. This is a short introduction or snapshot such as ‘I help people too...’  Stating clearly what you do and how you help people. Be prepared to have different length variations of this such as 10 seconds, 60 seconds etc.
An extension of being yourself is to come from an intention of sincerity and authenticity. Whenever you are meeting someone especially for the first time always be sincere. If you wish to pay a compliment do so if the opportunity arises naturally. 
Know your motivations and purpose in business and act authentically to this and your own personal values. self.