End of Year Thank you

Thank you for your support and interest in the first 6 months of my new business Property with Purpose. I was working with some motivated clients today! They're taking advantage of this time of year to get their property mindset right and to setup their preparation and research tools I've just taught them; exactly what I was discussing on this week's interview on 6PR. It is inspiring and motivating to me to mentor people putting the skills, tools and strategies I teach into practice.

As a thank you for the end of 2011 - use this code 2011Special to receive 50% off the price of my first seminar in 2012 on 18 February book online here - this code is valid for the last 2 days of 2011! I look forward to seeing you then. But in the meantime....

Have yourself a Happy and Safe New Years and see you in 2012!

Warmest regards,

Fleur Allen

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