Go Green

This is definitely the way of the future regarding property especially new construction. It is true that not all green concepts are affordable or even available but I believe if you start thinking, asking and acting more green then this will set you up well for a long term property portfolio.

Why? Because as more and more people are travelling nationally and internationally for work they are looking for quality, affordable living options and because the ongoing consumable costs of living (electricity, water, heating and cooling) in a sustainable living property can be reduced this will gain momentum and therefore demand over the long term.

Either way be mindful of this and begin to introduce green concepts as you can afford them and/or as they become available. For example, one of the simplest starting points can be to ensure your property has energy efficient light globes and water saving shower heads. Heating and cooling is far more efficient with the right window treatments (blinds and curtains) and ceiling insulation. Solar heating especially in Australia simply makes sense. The design and availability of water tanks has transformed over recent years.

If you don't know where to start begin by looking up your local energy providers website as they all now provide great and simple ways to start to make a difference:

Electrical providers:

Variety of choices (New South Wales)
Synergy (Western Australia)