Today's interview by Christina Cridland in The Sunday Times

Thanks to Christina Cridland at The Sunday Times for the opportunity today to discuss my top 3 tips for you to turn your property resolutions into reality: to focus, prepare and research. And this time of year when things have slowed down is perfect to take a moment to set your goals for 2012.

If you read the interview thanks for visiting my website and if you complete the form to the right of my homepage you will receive my 5 Hot Tips to Getting Started in Property. As I mentioned this is a great time to get organised and these tips will assist you not only for your next but every property purchase you make. Do let me know how your property experiences develop and feel free to connect with me on Facebook or attend my next Perth Seminar How ANYONE Can Use Property to have the Time AND Money to Fund their Cause on 18 February 2012.

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