What is a Property Mentor

A property mentor is a real estate expert with first hand property investment experience, providing a variety of educational services to equip you with the tools, strategies and knowledge to succeed at buying property. They have the experience and skills to guide you to success in property quicker and faster than if you attempted it by yourself.

Ideally this expert professional is100% independent from your property transaction, sale or deal. This ensures they are not influenced by any commissions received from what property you buy. For example, they are not influenced if you are considering a $350,000 or a $3 Million property. Their only concern should be: is it the right property for you?

A good property mentor will provide a range of educational services to suit where you are at in your property journey. Whether you're seeking DIY information through articles or published books, regular newsletters, social media or practical educational events and programs such as seminars or workshops to a one on one mentoring program where they can personally teach and guide you through the research, selection and negotiation process.
Browse any property mentor's websites for evidence of success with their students through testimonials, recommendations, published articles, books, social media following and media endorsements. Focus on those professionals that are interested in educating you for life so you're able to achieve in property over the long term.
All the very best in your property journey.

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