A different take on Your New Year

This is a different take on Your New Year which was a great read...

I enjoy as part of my role as Director of my now 2 year old business, Out of the Box Biz, listening to a great deal of experts and speakers for potential speakers at our live monthly events. 

T Harv Eker is one such speaker and also one that I subscribe too as a mentor to assist me to grow and push towards my goals.

This blog post of his I found a little different to most; as I regularly see people that are receiving and achieving things but because they don't practice daily gratitude other stresses of the day over shadow these positive outcomes. It is SO important to be grateful for what you DO have NOW. When you focus on this what you want to improve will follow elegantly, in flow and with ease. Read more here OR

To Find out more about what T. Harv Eker offers read more here

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