Video although not Face-to-Face Communication is a good medium just the same

I have had the intention to share more video content for the longest time and simply haven't. After spending some quality time with an Out of the Box Thinker from my business, Out of the Box Biz, Linda McMahon (she's an accountability, productivity and systems expert) - I was inspired and motivated to just do it - to take action. As all those that work with me know, particularly my mentoring clients, I LOVE action takers!

So why video content? Well it definitely does not replace face-to-face communication but it does show people in a more comprehensive with more complexities of communication available. What I mean is, you can view body language, vocal tone and inflection and eye contact (as long as they know where to look). Therefore you're able to receive more information than say a text message or email.

Therefore... I am inspired to re-launch/ re-ignite my Youtube Channel... (which I know I have mentioned earlier this week but...) I have decided to commit to a weekly 'Conversation' video; like a weekly Vlog (Video Blog). 

So jump on over and Subscribe to my channel and share your comments and feedback: 

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