Weekly Business Update - Elevator Speech - Old school or Cash machine?

In place of the weekly business update, I would like to share about what an Elevator Speech is.

Why? Because having a 60 seconds or less summary of:

Is Gold, Gold, Gold. Sadly many dismiss it or don't even know what it is.

Here are some resources where I define what an Elevator Speech is and outline a suggested structure (which is included at the end of this post):

The below radio interview with 101 Business Radio and Michael Worthington, we are discussing what an elevator speech is (1 min into the interview) and how to structure it (8 mins 50 secs into the interview):

This next video is of a live presentation where I again am explaining the structure of an Elevator Speech I recommend and I have included at the end of this blog:

Therefore here is what I recommend should be the structure of your elevator speech:

0 - 10 seconds
Name (First and Surname), title, Company name - include any explanations such as my title is Master Networker and I usually summarise what that means and what my business is too.

10 - 30 seconds
Niche - why you are different, what makes you stand out from the crowd. For example, at Out of the Box Biz we actively connect our members both in between events and during.

30 - 60 seconds
Case study of a client you have helped, describing how

Finally here is an example of a 60 second Elevator Speech video describing my business community, Out of the Box Biz:

I welcome any comments on your experiences with using the Elevator Speech concept to ignite curiosity about what you do in business.

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