Update 2 of 3 - The Complete Business Professional - Body, Mind and Soul

This the 2nd of 3 updates where I outline the overarching entity that these activities to nurture the Complete Business Person (Business, Health and Well being and Wealth Creation) come under. The banner of my FDL Tribe or Fleur de Lis Lifestyle tribe. Developing this entity and also my confidence to share this direction began about 3 years ago when I had a mentoring session with Roger Hamilton and more recently with William Whitecloud.

I am delighted to share that I work in all 3 aspects of the whole business professional - body, mind and soul. The latter of having a health and well being focus was not intended it simply evolved because I have been using essential oils in the home since I was 18 and therefore my son's whole life. This year he turns 10 and therefore he wants to be in business so the natural choice for him was sharing essential oils because it is something he is familiar with, uses and knows can help people.

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