Be Hay fever free Forever

Oh my goodness. Life has changed forever. I don't say this lightly. For the past 30 years I have 'suffered' from hay fever for 3 months every Spring.  Usually kicking off each year with a 2 week sinus infection. I used to use a steroid nasal spray because my hay fever was so bad until about 15 years ago. When I met a GP (still my doctor now) that said she would only renew my prescription if I reduced wheat in my diet to see if that improved my symptoms. That conversation all seems so straight forward now, it was within the context of many consultations prior where she established that I was open to alternative health options such as using essential oils, herbal teas, yoga amongst other things.

Reducing wheat in my diet did improve my symptoms so I didn't need the scary nasal spray any longer but I still was quite unwell each year due to hay fever. Until this Spring. 3 things changed:

- My mindset
- Taking responsibility for my health instead of resigning myself to ill health and
- Using quality essential oils

Over the years I have heard and had discussions on the links between your inner thoughts and your physical health, however it just hadn't sunk in. Perhaps I wasn't ready to change?

This year, I realised I had been 'putting up with' hay fever in my life for 30 years so now, finally I was open to change.

I first 'googled' links between inner thoughts and physical well being and guess what book came up? Yes that's right Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' but also her list of symptoms to thought patterns I found here

Hay Fever: Emotional congestion. Fear of the calendar. A belief in persecution. Guilt.

As I have been open to and practicing positive affirmations and visualisations for many years I got to work and immediately began the work Louise Hay suggests on yourself. Due to my background in being open to all this style of self improvement - I arrogantly thought - no problem - I love myself but why then did I keep forgetting the word approve in the affirmation I chose 'I love and approve of myself'? It took a bout a week for me to blast through that block - thank goodness.

Next I visualised myself well and practiced the affirmations I am well and I am focused. Because hay fever often affected my ability to maintain focus.

Finally, to manage the symptoms particularly on very windy days I used the Allergy blend recommended by doTERRA of lemon, lavender and peppermint oils. Now instead of taking a commercial antihistamine I rub 1-2 drops of each oil into my hands and rub over my face and neck. Not only has it improved symptoms but all sinus issues including itchy eyes immediately disappears. This has improved my health and well being and my general quality of life in Spring 1000 fold!

So I am sharing this because I am celebrating but also for anyone reading this that they too experience hay fever each year to try it out for themselves with an open mind. Please do share your experiences... I would invite you to contact me and send me a message so we can add you to our secret Facebook group where we share oils tips and experiences together. I also have a special giveaway offer for the next few days to celebrate this milestone.

For a list of oils to address symptoms go here to the doTERRA blog.

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