And the winner is...

I was delighted to be a part of the 2nd Annual Greatest Entrepreneur Giveaway this month!

Together with 20 fellow change-makers, we put together an impressive collection of business tools, programs, products and services!

A large number of applications were submitted in the running for 1st and 2nd prizes.

Collectively, we are giving back by giving away more than $2 million in products and services, designed to make doing business easier.

Why was I motivated to give back? Because I know you are not Average. You are here to Succeed.
I just like to Assist People to Grow.
If you’re seeking new leads for your business you can achieve this through business networking applying our foundation principles both face-to-face and online.  Firstly it is essential to know your Purpose. Join our courses to gain clarity on your Purpose and set yourself up for the Success you Seek. These fundamentals in business are often overlooked when seeking new leads in business, but refining these each year can kick start you into the New year. Join us and Let’s Go!
My prizes were:

1st Prize Worth

Kick Start your Year Business Mentoring Course
This 12 week course guides you through essential fundamentals in business that are critical to convert new leads to clients in any business new or established. The content is delivered through a weekly email for you to action the content. This program includes defining or reviewing your:
Membership to our private Facebook groups and Email support throughout the course.

Congratulations to Tamika Heiden 

from Knowledge Translation Australia


2nd Prize Worth

Purpose Visualisation Process
Defining or redefining your Purpose is one of the most underestimated strategies in business and life today. Our Purpose Visualisation Process is simple but very powerful and is the beginning of you achieving all that you seek in all areas of your life including business, personal, wealth and health.

As my gift to you please take advantage of this opportunity to gain access to this 2nd Prize between now and 31 December 2016. Go here now!

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