You're invited to join me for a 7 day Take a Disciplined Approach Challenge

7 Day Disciplined Approach Challenge


I invite you to join me on a challenge for 7 days beginning 24th June 2017. It is a Disciplined Approach Challenge. Taking a disciplined approach looking back has been the key to success in achieving many goals, dreams and aspirations of my own and from colleagues and clients in my past history as a business professional working for organisations and as a business owner. I realised this was a phrase I used to describe applying persistent, consistent, disciplined focus when striving to achieve a goal current. I actively used the phrase 'Take a Disciplined Approach' in my property mentoring business, Property with Purpose that I actively ran from 2010 until 2014. However, I knew at the time that this approach had application in all areas of life; business/career, finance, wealth creation, relationships, health, community and giving back.


So why do now? This approach is successful if part of your daily mindset. However if you have never thought about this before or wish for a reminder to 'get back on track' then the halfway point in the year is a good time to check in and review. Time to check if what you have been doing this year is working or if you wish to make changes for different outcomes. 1 July, in Australia, is the beginning of our financial year therefore I like to review business activities and outcomes every quarter but particularly this quarter as we lead into the new financial year. Because as much as you intend to do a thorough review each quarter or month or week (depending on your business/income cycles) having land marks such as the beginning of the financial year or half way point helps to check to see if you're on track to the long term path you plan or intend. It is the daily, weekly, monthly practices that add up to gain momentum for you to achieve your bigger dreams, goals and aspirations.


The Challenge will begin for 7 days this Saturday on 24th June, 2017. Which is the 7 days before the beginning of the financial year here or 1 July 2017 to make the halfway point of the calendar year. Howver, you can do this challenge at any time. Therefore if you come across this after we have started simply follow along each day either on the day we are live or from day 1 when you found the challenge.

How it works?

The Challenge will be a series of 7 short daily live facebook videos introducing a new aspect or theme relating to taking a Disciplined Approach in your life. These daily videos will also be posted here as a blog post for those that prefer not to use facebook and you're free to comment here if you wish too.

I will be putting up a link that you can subscribe to receiving these daily messages at any time so don't worry if you miss the start day just join us when you find us.

How much?

FREE this is my gift to you. I wish to support you in fast tracking the realisation of your goals and this simple strategy is very powerful and effective. The key is not to dismiss simple strategies as these are often the keys to success.

Prize up for grabs

For those that actively participate daily in the live challenge I have a prize up for grabs for you. It is Valued at over $3000 and includes:

To be eligible to enter simply participate actively by commenting/liking the daily live facebook videos or daily blog posts here.

Mark 24th June on your calendar...

Let's Go!



Day 1: I Take a Disciplined Approach in __________



Today is about deciding on which area of your life you wish to focus on. For example:
 For me, personally, I am choosing Health for this particular 7 day challenge. Not because there is anything particularly wrong, just during winter, I like to make this a priority and also because I have a significant '0' birthday in less than 3 years so something I am mindful of now rather than later.

But what area is your focus for this challenge?

Once you've decided write out your affirmation either here in the comments of this post or on my Facebook live video here. I am posting it here as well because I understand that not everyone uses Facebook.

Day 2: I Reward myself at the end of this 7 day Disciplined Approach Challenge by __________


Day 2 affirmation is "I reward myself with ________" - you fill the gap with what you have decided to reward yourself with? Gift, experience, time for yourself?

It is important to reward yourself. That way you experience positive feelings and you simply want more of that so you will be motivated to continue or accept another challenge to achieve.

Please share your rewards in the comments here:

7day disciplined Approach Challenge day 3 #disciplinedapproach

Day 3 affirmation is "I love and approve of myself"from Louise Hay - today be mindful and observe how you're feeling with your focus area for your challenge. What shows up to support or challenge you achieving.

Please share your rewards in the comments here or on my blog.

7 day disciplined Approach Challenge day 4 #disciplinedapproach

Day 4 is all about to observe how you support yourself by way of using affirmations, visualisation, meditation or yoga, walking or gardening and who do you turn too for support? Use the affirmation, "I love and support myself" to remind yourself of this focus for this day.

7 day disciplined Approach Challenge day 5 #disciplinedapproach

Well over half way so well done! Today I want to remind you that this disciplined approach challenge is a strategy to remind yourself to keep small daily actions happening to accumulate and build momentum to get you where you are to where you want to be.

Therefore what daily action or routine or ritual are you going to add, change or remove? Practice the affirmation "Daily Habits take me closer to my goals" to help you to keep this focus top of mind today.

7 day disciplined Approach Challenge day 6 #disciplinedapproach

7 day disciplined Approach Challenge day 7 #disciplinedapproach Congratulations!

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